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Julio Montaner was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1985 with a degree in architecture. In Miami, he began to study painting under renowned master Baruj Salinas. From architecture he gradually moved into painting. He first conveyed his concepts through drawing, adding color via water techniques. His pieces feature spaces in which color, form and texture are the main compositional elements. His work flows freely between between the visual perception of the artist's profound inner self and the dialogue generated by his art. In his latest series of paintings, Julio resists and subverts all perspective, as well as all architectural and symbolic representation of reality, in order to focus his attention on a form of chromatic abstraction in which color is transformed, not only as to method but also as to body and components. The spots and splotches of color induce in the viewer various emotional sensations and states of mind that range from serenity to nostalgia and melancholy. That way, and through the simple materialization of color, his paintings express associations and feelings and mystically evoke natural unconscious and subconscious states, without the direct interference of conscious perception. The use of white, in particular, stimulates the viewer's sensitivity while transmitting the notion that reality is an imprecise, indefinite (white) dimension, and that all the other chromatic tonalities are mere fleeting illusion. What we have before us, then, are compositions sparked by the contemplation of nature and intuitive inventiveness, paintings arising from subjective impulses as a function of creativity and spiritual clarity. To see his work, go to: www.juliomontaner.com